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Trading strategies, research, and tutorials that you can clone into your deployment.

Equities Intro

equities eod moonshot

Introductory tutorial for equities demonstrating data collection, universe selection, and backtesting of an end-of-day momentum strategy using Moonshot. Compatible with any exchange.

quantrocket codeload clone 'equities-intro'


equities eod moonshot fundamentals sharadar alphaarchitect usa

Value strategy for US stocks modeled on Alpha Architect's QVAL ETF, using enterprise multiple and Piotroski F-Score to target cheap, high-quality stocks. Utilizes Sharadar fundamental and price data. Runs in Moonshot.

quantrocket codeload clone 'qval'

Forex Business Day

forex intraday moonshot livetrading academicpaper

Intraday forex strategy that exploits the tendency of currencies to depreciate during local business hours and appreciate during foreign business hours. Uses EUR.USD with hourly data from Interactive Brokers. Runs in Moonshot.

quantrocket codeload clone 'fx-bizday'

QVAL Live Trading

equities eod moonshot fundamentals sharadar alphaarchitect usa livetrading

Live trading tutorial for QVAL value strategy for US stocks. Utilizes Sharadar fundamentals with IB price data.

quantrocket codeload clone 'qval-live'

QMOM US Momentum

equities eod moonshot alphaarchitect usa

Long-only momentum strategy modeled on Alpha Architect's QMOM ETF, selecting stocks with the smoothest momentum and rebalancing the portfolio before quarter end to capture a window-dressing seasonality effect.

quantrocket codeload clone 'qmom'

VMOT Value/Momentum/Trend

equities eod moonshot alphaarchitect usa

Value/Momentum/Trend strategy modeled on Alpha Architect's VMOT ETF. This repository provides the trend strategy and walks through backtesting the value, momentum, and trend strategies in tandem. For the value and momentum strategies, see the qval and qmom repositories.

quantrocket codeload clone 'vmot'

End-of-Day Global Equities Data

equities eod global

Data collection tutorial for end-of-day global equities data from IB. Covers 18 countries.

quantrocket codeload clone 'global-equities-eod-ib'

Global Market Profiles

equities global

Comparative analysis of stock market characteristics for 17 countries, including number of listings, short sale availability, volatility, distribution of sectors, etc.

quantrocket codeload clone 'global-market-profiles'

Moonshot Benchmarks


Equal-weighted and dollar-volume-weighted benchmark strategies for Moonshot.

quantrocket codeload clone 'benchmark'

High Minus Low

equities eod moonshot zipline fundamentals

HML (High Minus Low) strategy for Moonshot and Zipline, using Reuters Fundamentals. Code only, no notebooks.

quantrocket codeload clone 'hml'

Backtrader Moving Average


Dual moving average crossover strategy for backtrader

quantrocket codeload clone 'backtrader-dma'

Zipline Futures Pairs Trading

futures eod zipline usa

futures pairs trading Zipline strategy.

quantrocket codeload clone 'zipline-futures-pairs'