feature icon Trade international stocks with QuantRocket

Most traders focus on the US market — the most competitive market in the world.

Yet the US stock market represents less than 50% of global market cap and only 25% of global listings.

Why International?

Escape crowded trades

Academic research shows that market anomalies are more enduring in international markets .

Find the right market

Write your strategy code once and backtest it in numerous countries to find where it works best.

Validate your backtests

A backtest that performs well across several global markets is more robust than one tested on a single market.

Trade around the clock

When the US closes, Asia opens. When Asia closes, Europe opens. Exploit profitable opportunities whenever they occur.

QuantRocket is tailor-made for global markets

Explore international datasets in the Data Library, read blog posts on international stocks in the QuantRocket Blog, or find example strategies in the Code Library.