feature icon Trade international markets with QuantRocket

Most traders focus on the US market — the most competitive market in the world.
Yet the US stock market represents less than 50% of global market cap and only 25% of global listings.

QuantRocket lets you trade equities, futures, and currencies around the globe,
opening up profitable opportunities that traders who focus solely on the US miss.

Why International?

Escape crowded trades

Academic research shows that market anomalies are more enduring in international markets .

Find the right market

Write your strategy code once and backtest it in numerous countries to find where it works best.

Validate your backtests

A backtest that performs well across several global markets is more robust than one tested on a single market.

Trade around the clock

When the US closes, Asia opens. When Asia closes, Europe opens. Exploit profitable opportunities whenever they occur.

With multiple global data providers and access to over 70 international markets through Interactive Brokers, QuantRocket is tailor-made for global markets. QuantRocket handles the complexities and nuances of trading multiple asset classes in multiple currencies across multiple timezones.

Explore international datasets in the Data Library, read blog posts on international stocks in the QuantRocket Blog, or find example strategies in the Code Library.