QuantRocket requires strong technical skills. Please review the FAQ below to understand the limited support we provide.

What does basic support cover?

Use the basic support forum to report bugs and problems, and to get occasional basic tips and pointers that aren't covered in the documentation.

We read all questions and respond to most. We give priority to software bugs (which we typically resolve very quickly), issues that affect multiple users, and questions we can answer quickly.

What does basic support not cover?

Basic support doesn't cover strategy development or troubleshooting, data analysis, log analysis (other than for suspected bugs), and other in-depth assistance. Basic support is mainly for addressing bugs in our code, not bugs in your code.

Basic support is not a substitute for reading documentation and working through tutorials. We probably won't respond to questions that could have been answered by reading the documentation.

How many questions can I ask?

Basic support is intended for very occasional use. We understand users may have more questions in the first month or so of use, and we try to accomodate this. After that, if your volume regularly exceeds a question or two a month, we probably won't be able to respond to all of your questions.

How quickly do you respond?

We typically respond within 1-2 business days.

Can I purchase extra support?

Except in rare circumstances, we do not offer additional support options beyond basic support.

Where else can I get help?

For Python or Pandas questions or other general programming questions, post your question to StackOverflow.

For questions about order types or trade executions, contact your broker.

Many Docker-related questions can be answered by a web search or on the Docker community forums.