About QuantRocket


QuantRocket's mission is to provide the best available trading software for data-driven traders — software that is highly performant, reliable, and customizable to a diverse range of trading styles, while also being much more intuitive and user-friendly than typical professional trading software.


QuantRocket caters to a mix of professional traders and sophisticated nonprofessionals. QuantRocket's professional customers are mostly portfolio managers and hedge funds; its nonprofessional customers are mostly software developers who trade on the side.


Brian Stanley is the founder and principal developer of QuantRocket. A software engineer by background, Brian is a polymath who wears many hats to run the business. He relies extensively on automation, outsourcing, partnerships, leveraging of third-party tools, and scalable decision-making to accomplish single-handedly what other companies require larger teams to achieve. In his corporate career as an engineering manager, Brian decided that "the worst thing is to have a boss, and the second worst thing is to be a boss." He left his job in 2017 to become a solopreneur and launched QuantRocket in early 2018. Brian enjoys quantitative finance because it encompasses multiple domains (programming, math, statistics, accounting) and offers an engaging variety of programming challenges.

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