About QuantRocket

Small and efficient

QuantRocket is a lean business with a laser focus on efficiency. We are a small team by design and we intend to stay that way. We dislike the operational inefficiencies of large companies and believe it is possible to build big products without a big staff by making smart, disciplined decisions and by automating everything. We are experts at leveraging existing technologies to build full-featured software without excessive effort, and we rely heavily on automated testing to maximize development velocity.

We are smaller than other companies because we are more efficient than other companies. If we can't automate it, we don't do it.

Independent and profitable

QuantRocket is an independent company and has been profitable since soon after its launch. This is partly attributable to our lean, automate-everything approach. We rely on computers, and computers are cheap; people are expensive.

We do not seek VC funding and have turned down overtures as we wish to retain autonomy and full control over the direction of the business. Unlike many startups which bleed money acquiring customers in the hope of monetizing them later, we prefer to make money as we go and have been successful in doing so.

We eschew artificial growth and vanity metrics that inflate user counts but fail to produce revenue. We do not cater to novice or undercapitalized traders who require hands-on support which doesn't scale well and who are quick to give up on trading. We focus on attracting serious, profitable traders, asset managers, and hedge funds who value good software enough to pay for it, who are technically sophisticated and require little hands-on support, and who become long-term customers.

Made by developers

Brian Stanley is QuantRocket's founder. He is a software developer with a background building scalable web applications and big data ETL pipelines. He is an independent market practitioner with many years of experience using quantitative methods in capital markets. Before founding QuantRocket he was the head of software engineering for a B2B data company.