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Market Cap vs Dollar Volume: Which to Use for Universe Selection?

Thu Oct 19 2023 by Brian Stanley

Market cap and dollar volume are two commonly used metrics for filtering a trading universe by size of security. Does it matter which one you use? In this post, I quantify the difference between market cap and dollar volume and explain the kinds of stocks that may unexpectedly appear in your universe with each metric.

The Most Volatile Stock Markets in the World

Sun Jan 13 2019 by Brian Stanley

Many quantitative trading strategies thrive in high volatility regimes, while other trading strategies work best in low volatility regimes. So which global markets are the most and least volatile? This post compares the daily, overnight, and intraday volatility of 17 countries.

The Best Global Stock Markets for Short Sellers

Tue Jan 01 2019 by Brian Stanley

If you're a short seller exploring global markets, a good first question to ask is: are there shares available to borrow? This post looks at the percentage of stocks that are shortable through Interactive Brokers in each of 17 countries.

The Overlooked Half of the Global Stock Market

Sun Dec 16 2018 by Brian Stanley

The US stock market is the largest and most liquid stock market in the world and tends to get all the attention. Many brokers and trading platforms are US-only, and many traders focus exclusively on the US market.

This post compares the number of stock listings in each of 17 countries to quantify what traders miss out on by ignoring the rest of the world.