Custom Development

We provide custom development services in two main categories: sponsored product development and quantitative strategy development.

Do you like QuantRocket but need a missing feature or a new data integration? We can re-organize the product roadmap and build your feature first. Because the work we do for you goes into improving our product, we can build what you need at a far lower cost than you would pay to build it yourself. It's a win-win for you and for us.

Quantitative strategy development

We can provide the code and notebooks needed to run your trading strategy, whether you need us to build it from scratch or port an existing algo from Quantopian or another platform. Because we know our platform backwards and forwards, we work efficiently and can quote an affordable price.

(This service works best when you intend to take active ownership of the strategy code but are looking for a head start and want a solid foundation on which to make your own modifications. It's not intended as a way to deploy your trading idea without your active involvement.)

Get in touch

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