System Requirements

Operating system

QuantRocket runs inside Docker. The operating system requirements for QuantRocket are the same as those for Docker.

Docker runs on Linux, Mac, or Windows.


Minimum8 GB
Recommended16+ GB

Ensuring that your system has adequate memory is the most important system requirement for running QuantRocket. The minimum is 8 GB. However, in most cases, 16 GB is recommended to allow you to work with larger amounts of data in research notebooks or backtests. (32 GB is even better.)

Each instance of IB Gateway, under load, can consume nearly 1 GB of memory. Thus, if you run multiple IB Gateways, you will need proportionately more memory.

The troubleshooting guide highlights symptoms that may indicate that your system lacks adequate memory.


The amount of storage required depends primarily on the amount of data you plan to collect. You could need anywhere from 25-100+ GB, depending on your data needs. Most end-of-day datasets are several GB in size at most. The 1-minute US stock dataset is 50-60 GB. QuantRocket's Docker images take up approximately 10 GB of disk space.


Multi-core systems with fast processors will provide faster performance. However, the CPU is usually a less critical factor than memory, as QuantRocket will still run with a slower processor, whereas insufficient memory can make the system unusable.