Alpaca Algo Trading With QuantRocket and Alpaca

Why QuantRocket?

QuantRocket’s end-to-end platform provides everything you need for quantitative trading: deployment to the cloud, a built-in research environment, historical and real-time data, backtesting, live trading, and performance tracking.

Why Alpaca?

With commission-free trading from Alpaca, you can deploy high-turnover trading strategies that are sensitive to transaction costs — strategies that would be off-limits to traders who pay commissions.

These are some of the most popular features for Alpaca users

Zipline live trading

QuantRocket is the first professional-grade platform for deploying Zipline strategies to live markets. You can also run your strategies in Moonshot, a pandas-based backtester designed for data scientists. Learn more.

1-minute US stock data

Survivorship-bias-free 1-minute US stock data is included with the software, with history back to 2007. Just sync the data bundle to your deployment and start querying. 1-day bars are also available. Learn more.

Real-time data integration

Access real-time data from Alpaca and use the data in QuantRocket. Learn more.

Learn more in the intro video

Install QuantRocket and follow the QuickStart to connect to your Alpaca account