Quantopian Algo Migration

Ready to live trade your Quantopian algo? We can port your algo to QuantRocket/Moonshot and provide you with everything you need to start live trading.

Free Evaluation

First, we evaluate your algorithm to make sure it can be ported to Moonshot. If the algorithm can’t be ported, you don’t pay.

What You Get

Moonshot Algo: A ready-to-use version of your algo adapted for Moonshot,1 with code that is well-documented and parameterized to facilitate modifications.

Custom notebooks: A research notebook documenting how to collect and query historical data for your algo and how to backtest your algo.

Live trading configuration: A customized “countdown” crontab containing the cron jobs needed to update and maintain your historical database(s) and run your algo for live or paper trading.


Price depends on algorithm complexity and specifics.2 Email sales@nobots.quantrocket.com for a quote.

What Kinds of Algos Can Be Ported?

Because of the innate differences between QuantRocket/Moonshot and Quantopian, not all Quantopian algorithms can be ported to Moonshot.

Algos that can be ported:

  • Algos that run end-of-day, or run intraday at a particular time of day
  • Algos that screen thousands of stocks and use daily data or, if they use 1-minute data, can be adapted to use 15- or 30-minute data
  • Algos that use fundamental data

Algos that cannot be ported:

  • Algos that trade in and out of positions throughout the day
  • Scalping or market-making algos
  • Algos that screen thousands of stocks, require 1-minute data, and can’t be adapted to use 15- or 30-minute data
  • Algos that use datasets only available on Quantopian
1 Algorithm details will be matched as closely as possible. However, due to differences in stock universe, historical data frequency, data vendor, backtesting platform, and other differences between Quantopian and QuantRocket, a perfect match will not be possible.
2 QuantRocket software license is sold separately. See pricing.