What kind of help do you need?

Free Support

The QuantRocket team is small and we give priority to paid support customers. However, we provide limited free technical support via the community forums on a best-effort basis when the paid support queue permits.

Ground Crew Premium Support

Need help getting your trading ideas into flight?

Focus on the parts of algorithmic trading you like best and let Ground Crew help with the technical details. It's like hiring an in-house development team at a fraction of the cost. Available for one-off projects or ongoing support.

What can Ground Crew do?

Algos and Notebooks

Ground Crew helps get your algos off the ground.

Port algos from Quantopian
Have a Quantopian algo you want to run in QuantRocket? We evaluate any platform or data differences and provide you with a working algo.
Custom notebooks
We create customized, annotated notebooks that you can use as templates for your research or for commonly repeated tasks.

Managed Infrastructure

Ground Crew can host and run a cloud server for you. Just log in.

Data backups
We make sure your data and code are safely and regularly backed up to the cloud.
Server health monitoring
We proactively monitor the health of your hardware, notify you of any issues, and take care of remedying them.
Flexible hardware upgrades
Need more memory or CPUs? As your requirements evolve, we migrate your deployment to the hardware of your choice.

Priority Support

Jump to the front of the line.

Private support forum
Get your questions answered quickly and confidentially in a private forum.
Remote support via screen share
Hop on a screen sharing session and get hands-on training or help with your technical issue.
Best practices consultations
Get tailored advice on how best to utilize QuantRocket to accomplish your goals.

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